Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons


Tim Hortons Cafe and Bake Shop


Digital & Print Design, Ads, Flyers, Coupons, Billboards, EDDM, OOH, POP, Signage, Presentation Design, Marketing Program Design, Apparel Design

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Marketing Design for aFast Food Favorite

As Canada's largest quick service restaurant chain, Tim Hortons has established itself as one of the favorites in the fast food industry, with franchised locations all over North America, Europe, and Asia.

Increase brand loyalty and strengthen strategic partnerships in through upgraded visual design in out-of-home, point-of-presence, and various other marketing programs — both B2C, and B2B.

Not only marketing to consumers and businesses, but also to themselves. Internal marketing to the dozens of franchisee owners and staff to increase awareness and engagement in Tims many brand materials and community programs.


Tim Horton’s regional marketing division for Central and Southeast Michigan approached us with an important task, and we delivered. In effect becoming the region’s creative department, we’ve created countless brand and marketing materials for their many Michigan locations.

Madison Miles and Friends

Madison Miles and Friends


Dara Nichole, Beautiful Works Publishing


Branding, Character Illustration, Book Cover Design, Web Design, Signage/Product Display

Designing a Children's Brand for theBrown and Beautiful

Madison Miles and Friends is an emerging children’s brand and book series highlighting the fun & wildly entertaining lives of four young, beautiful black girls. Each character has their own series of books, with appearances by their other friends as well.


Take over illustrative and artwork creation of a multi-character children’s book series, while preserving the integrity of the original character designs.


A seamless transition. Sirocki quickly stepped in to complete the design of the first book, and continued to create illustrations & designs of the girls and their many books, products and images.

While we were at it, we crafted a strong and vibrant visual identity to give the brand the confidence and flexibility to engage its reading audience and scale with the needs of its fast-growing product base.

Logo Update

We took the original logo and gave it a fresh facelift. It is cleaner, bolder, and wiser.

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Old Logo

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New Logo

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New Logo

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Fun and Versatile

Armed with multiple logo variations, a defined color system, and added design elements, we’ve increased the flexibility of the brand’s visual identity across its many product offerings and display usages in both digital and print — large and small.

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Beautiful Illustrations of Brown Girls

Maintaining the integrity of the original character designs, we were able to continue the illustrative work of the characters across their many scenes and story lines.

Four Girls.
Many Stories.

One Brand.

We knew that connecting the visual design across all four characters’ book covers was vital, so we designed a title & cover system that will keep everything on-brand while giving spotlight to the characters’ stories themselves.

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Fun and Engaging Web Design

To engage the target audience (and their parents alike), we created a fun & vibrant eCommerce website that entices consumers and drives sales.